Thinking about breaking up with your boyfriend? Feeling restless, but not sure if he's the reason why? Should I break up with my boyfriend? gives you two weeks to reflect on your relationship and helps you decide whether you'd be better off staying with him or calling it quits.
To help you track your ups and downs, we'll send you a daily reminder to rate how you're feeling about him. You'll also have the option to add notes to each rating. You can rate him as often as you like, since you never know when he might surprise you.
When you're done rating him, you'll get objective advice based on the unique patterns in your entries. You'll spot trends that are easy to miss from day to day and learn why you might be pushing away a keeper or putting up with a loser.
We save your entries for past boyfriends so you can review them any time. you'll always have access to all of your diary notes and statistics, which can come in handy if you ever forget what's great (or not so great) about a particular guy.